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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the use of digital channels, such as search engines, social media, email, and websites, to promote a business or product.

Who Should take Digital Marketing Services?

Anyone who wants to establish an online presence, connect with an audience, or achieve specific marketing goals can should consider so that they can benefit from digital marketing services.

Those who want to start branding

Those who want to increase sales

Those who want effective marketing

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pros & cons

next innovaions


Life Time Value (LTV)

Free Consulting

(No Consultation)

Keyword Analysis

Valuable Insights

(Lack of Insight)

SNS Tips & Tricks

Free Consulting

(No Consultation)

Photo Shooting


(Not Regularly)

Advertising management

(Through KPI's)

(Without KPIs)

What can you do with digital marketing services?

With Digital Marketing Services, you can make people aware of your product or service and increase engagement and sales simply by using digital marketing solutions.

Brand Awareness

Online Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Increased Sales

Influencer Marketing

Increase Loyal Customer

Our Strength

At Next Innovations, we specialize in advanced web development using cutting-edge coding techniques recommended by industry leaders like Google.

strength 01

Always Think About clients

As a marketing company, in web creation, we prioritize the customer journey and personas, ensuring a tailored experience that guides them effectively.

strength 02

Giving One-stop Services

Being a marketing company, we provide everything. Creating websites, online and offline marketing and even video editing all in one place, so you can succeed.

strength 03

Providing Japan Quality

As a Japanese Company, and We bring Japan's renewed quality standard with us. We learn from Japan and use that knowledge to give you the best service.

Our Main Services

menu website

In today's online world, having a good website is very important. It doesn't matter if you run a restaurant, a clinic, or a beauty business – our Menu Website Service can make your business stand out. It's a great way to display what you offer and make sure your online visitors have a great time on your site.


We aim to attract those who visit Facebook page through ads and boosting. This helps establish a clear brand identity. While advertising, we share services, knowledge, and more. Without this branding, visitors might feel compelled to book when they see an ad or visit the page, increasing cancellations.

Keyword Analysis

When it comes to keywords, we may not check what kinds of keywords are commonly used on Facebook. While we cannot view commonly used hashtags, we utilize our proprietary Facebook SEO Management model to identify keywords and analyze what is convenient.

Competitor Analysis

We consistently analyze your competitors, including their package prices, services, and any monthly changes. We maintain this information in a spreadsheet, allowing you to review and consider ways to enhance your services or products to attract more customers.

Life Time Value (LTV)

To succeed in business, knowing customer behavior matters. Using Lifetime Value (LTV), we study personas and journeys for loyal customers. Personas show preferences, journeys track loyalty's path. Goal: loyal fans. LTV helps engage and retain them.

Our digital marketing works

Our Digital Marketing Plans

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is intended for those who are genuinely focused on enhancing social media engagement and boosting sales for their company or shops. It caters to businesses seeking enhanced services.

1,100,000 MMK

(Total Social Media 8 posts)


Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is designed for those who lack a graphic designer or content writer in their company or shops. Essentially, it functions similarly to acting as an agent.

600,000 MMK

(Total Social Media 8 posts)


why choose us?

We get creative ideas from Japan, so your website's design and security are always modern and cool. We're a marketing company, so our websites are made to help you succeed. We plan ahead to make sure your website helps your business. We build websites the right way by following the rules made by expert professionals. We also use our own rules to make sure your website works great.

Next Innovations


our process

Discovery and analysis
We'll start by understanding your business, your target audience, and your goals.
Strategy development
Based on our analysis, we'll develop a customized digital marketing strategy tailored to your needs
Our team will execute the strategy, using data to drive results and make continuous improvements.
Reporting and analysis
We'll provide regular reports and analysis to track your progress and adjust the strategy as needed.

Min Swan Saung

Business Development Manager

At Next Innovations, I fulfill a dual role as a Business Development Manager and Digital Marketing Executive. My dedication revolves around promoting our comprehensive services, which encompass digital marketing, web development, UI/UX design, video production, and editing. My objective is to contribute to the growth and success of both Next Innovations and our cherished clients who benefit from our services.

As a Digital Marketing Executive, I consistently devise strategies and analyze them for our clients. I create personas and customer journey maps to target the right audience and consistently plan for our clients' success.

Mya Hninsi Phyu

Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer at Next Innovations, I am continually learning from graphic design experts, including those from Japan, to enhance my creativity and gather design references that are unique and distinct from Myanmar's styles. When I create designs, my focus is always on reaching the targeted marketing objectives while ensuring uniqueness and impact.

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