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Khit Kyite

Project overview

The challenge

Khit Kyite Mala Xiang Guo Restaurant faced a big challenge when they started. They didn't have important marketing stuff like menus, posters, and flyers. They also didn't have a special menu or plans to attract customers. It was really tough for them.

The Solutions

We addressed these challenges by providing a full marketing package for them, which included menus, posters, pamphlets, flags, and stand boards. We also came up with new ideas for special menus, marketing plans, and events. We managed their Facebook page, changing things like cover photos and posts to show customers what they offer.

our results

As a result of these efforts, Khit Kyite Mala Xiang Guo Restaurant has all the marketing things they need to serve customers. On their grand opening day, they experienced a significant increase in both walk-in and delivery customers, marking a substantial improvement from starting at zero customers.


Sales Increased

within 1 month

100 k

Page Reach

4.8 k

Post Reach


Post Engagement

our design work

marketing material


Here are some words from the customers how they feel and recommend us for helping them success in their field by working with our marketing team.

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