Next Innovations


High Quality Original Website Kinujo Project overview The challenge Balancing emotion and innovation is key for resonance in the beauty industry. Our goal is to craft a story that highlights excellence through advanced technology. The Solutions Our solution merges passion with cutting-edge tech for a unique hair care brand. Through compelling narratives and advanced product […]


High Quality Original Website AAA Project overview The challenge Marketing is fundamentally about connecting with people, and we are dedicated to supporting your business by employing diverse strategies centered around “maximizing the value of every customer contact point.” Whether online or offline, our approach revolves around fostering meaningful engagements that contribute to the overall success […]

Myanmar social finance

High Quality Original Website Myanmar social finance Project overview The challenge The challenges that business owners may encounter in creating a low budget and high quality website for Social Finance. Making it into more feminine and child focus is challenging. The Solutions Making it into high quality for the home page with designer make the […]

Rosy Produce

High Quality Original Website Rosy Produce Project overview The challenge Posy Produce is a Japanese website which is simple, minimalistic and engaging. The given timeline is short and making it all work is really challenging. But we surely managed it well. The Solutions Rosy planning produce website is a tracking progress, and making adjustments as […]


High Quality Original Website frozen Project overview The challenge Since the client sells frozen food, making the website to have frozen look and feel, visually appealing and user friendly became the challenge. The Solutions Our designers research and gather information from client brief, competitor websites and user research. After that we map out the website […]

Atsumare 11

High Quality Original Website ATSUMARE 11 Project overview The challenge The challenges that business owners may encounter in creating a business card for a dog-related business is effectively communicating the unique selling proposition including relevant information, standing out from the competition, keeping the card simple, and ensuring accuracy. The Solutions Solved by highlighting the business’s […]