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Template Website

A template website is like an online brochure. It gives you room to share a lot of information and stuff that might not fit well on Facebook. It's a special place online where you can give people more details and make things more interesting for them.

who should make template websites?

Template websites should be created for those who want a quick and easy way to establish an online presence, especially for those who simply want to display information on the internet.

Sharing Company Information

Unconcerned about design

Save Cost and time

website comparison

pros & cons

template website

high quality website


(Limited customization)

(Strong marketing potential)


(Looks similar with others)

(Unique branding)


(Basic content)

(Rich and detailed content)

Cost and Time

(Affordable and quick)

(Expensive and time-consuming)


What can you do with template website?

With a template website, you can accomplish several tasks and functionalities, even if you have limited technical expertise. Some of the things you can do include:

Edit Content

Introducing Company Information

QR Code on Business Card

Can Provide Brief Explanation of Services or Products

Social Media Integration

Building Reputation

Our Strength

At Next Innovations, we specialize in advanced web development using cutting-edge coding techniques recommended by industry leaders like Google.

strength 01

Always Think About clients

As a marketing company, in web creation, we prioritize the customer journey and personas, ensuring a tailored experience that guides them effectively.

strength 02

Giving One-stop Services

Being a marketing company, we provide everything. Creating websites, online and offline marketing and even video editing all in one place, so you can succeed.

strength 03

Providing Japan Quality

As a Japanese Company, and We bring Japan's renewed quality standard with us. We learn from Japan and use that knowledge to give you the best service.

Our Strength

PWA (Progressive Web App)

A PWA (Progressive Web App) functions like a mobile app but is accessed through a website. We ensure fast loading, offline capabilities, notification sending, and compatibility with various devices. PWAs offer the best of both web and app experiences, making them engaging and user-friendly.

Available on

strong on seo (by using w3c standard)

We follow rules agreed upon by experts for building websites. This ensures that your website looks and works well on different devices and browsers. Our coding is clean and future-proof, based on these rules and our own guidelines.

User-Friendly Admin Panel

We make it simple for you to update and manage your website. You don't need to be a tech expert – our designs are easy to understand.

Strong On Security

We take your website's safety seriously. We use HTTPS and SSL to protect your data. We also add special tools to keep your website secure from online threats.

our template websites

cms template website package

Our CMS Template Website Package offers a great value for building and managing your website. It's easy to use and has everything you need to get started online. Here's a breakdown of our pricing



why choose us?

We get creative ideas from Japan, so your website's design and security are always modern and cool. We're a marketing company, so our websites are made to help you succeed. We plan ahead to make sure your website helps your business. We build websites the right way by following the rules made by expert professionals. We also use our own rules to make sure your website works great.

Next Innovations


our process

Initial Meeting
Understand the client's business and needs.
Design Selection
Present web designs aligned with the client's business.
Data Collection
Gather necessary content and information from the client.
Create the website using the chosen template and customize as needed.
Thoroughly check the website for functionality and compatibility.
Final Delivery
Provide the completed website to the client.


web developer at next innovations

"When I built websites, I really thought about what our customers would like. I imagined how they would use it and what would make them happy. I also looked into the future to make sure our clients would do really well.

I followed important rules for writing the code, like the ones from W3C, and our company's own rules. This way, I made sure there are no mistakes in the code and everything looks nice and organized.

I also took security seriously. I used something called SSL to keep everything safe and added special tools called security plugins to make sure the website is protected.

In short, I made this website with our customers in mind, followed the right coding rules, and made sure it's safe and secure. It's all about making our clients happy and helping them succeed.

Su Zar Zar Thet

web developer at next innovations

Designing this website was like solving a fun puzzle. We thought about how users would see and do things, and we chose colors and shapes to make it engaging. Working closely with the developers, we made sure our ideas became real on the website. Our aim was to make the website a place where you can explore easily and find what you need.

Our System Requirements








PHP Version

7.4 (recommend), 8.0 or higher


Mysql (Version 5.7)

WordPress Theme Builder


Support Browser


Latest Version


Latest Version


Latest Version


Latest Version

Microsoft Edge

Latest Version

Device Size

Small Mobile Phones (Min)

320px to 360px

Medium Mobile Phones

375px to 414px

Large Mobile Phones

414px to 480px

Phablets and Small Tablets (Max)

600px to 768px

Small Laptops and Netbooks (Min)

1366px to 1440px

Medium Laptops

1440px to 1600px

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